Thursday, June 18, 2009

Time For A Change

I've been getting the itch to write again, so I'm starting to jot down notes and ideas for future posts. My first thoughts about the process are what topics and what is my purpose for writing. I think I'll approach it as an experiment, and that ought to cover both questions.

This won't be a proper experiment following any sort of establish method, but more of an open ended self-study. I've got several completely unrelated interests which are different enough that they really ought to be separate blogs. I'm not interested in spreading myself far enough to have multiple blogs, especially when I can't write enough to write for this one regularly. So... the answer to the first part is that I will write about any topic that comes to mind.

The purpose will be two-fold: to scratch my writing itch and to see what my interests really are. After a year or so, or a few dozen posts (sounds daunting already), I'll review what I've written and see how well my topics line up with what I think are my actual interests. I suspect I'll be making heavy use of tagging, or labels as blogger likes to call them. I'm pretty anal about categorizing things consistently, so you'll probably be able to filter out the noise by subscribing to specific labels if that's your thing.

So, to those that have found my little blog through barefooting, worry not, I've got plans for that topic. For those that have found this blog through programming/Linux, I've got plans there too. For anyone else, you're either a family member or a stalker. In both cases, I'm sure there will be enough personal news to make the blog worth following.

And I'll try to keep the meta-blogging to a minimum, I promise. I wanted to make an exception this time more as a commitment to myself.

So until next time, keep your feet bare!

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