Sunday, March 16, 2008

KDE4 to the Rescue!

In reference to this

I my last rant I complained about stupid right-click behaviour. I updated my KDE4 install to the latest 4.0.2, so it was time to give it a spin for a day again. Well, lo and behold, KDE4 does not have this messed up behaviour.

I've been using KDE4 for a while, on and off. Unlike, apparently, a lot of other people, I've followed KDE4 development since it was first announced. I didn't have the unrealistic expectation of a finished product. Because of this, I've been ecstatic with it, and 4.0.2 is a good example of progress. I can't wait until 4.1.0 comes out, when KDE-PIM will join the team. I recently upgraded my 3.5.x install to 3.5.8, which includes a branch merge of some really nice "enterprise" features and polish. Very nice, I can't wait.

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