Saturday, March 6, 2010

Barefoot Followup

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So it's been a little while since I talked about my barefoot adventures. I've come to a few conclusions.

Being barefoot is awesome, but having to carry shoes around for when public transit officials tell me I can't ride the train barefoot is a pain in the [expletive].

Vibram FiveFingers are very comfortable as an all-day, everywhere shoe and attract far more positive attention and next to no negative attention.

As you can imagine, FiveFingers are what I've been wearing lately. I managed to go a solid few months barefoot and my feet were getting quite tough. There were very few surfaces that I found uncomfortable, and none that I walked on regularly.

For my Sun Run training I've been running in my new FiveFinger Treks. I find the sole to be a little thick for my liking, but I love the leather they used for the rest of the shoe. I took a long break from running barefoot and pseudo-barefoot because it didn't feel right. I did some more research while I took my break and found I'd ignored one really important point.

Relax. Seriously, let your legs from the knee down go almost limp. Don't try to position your foot so you land on your forefoot. That was my mistake. If your knees are bent enough, your foot will land forefoot first. Let your feet relax too. If they are tense, you'll hurt yourself.

In other barefoot related news, I've finally converted my wife! Partially, at least. She's now wearing her own pair of FiveFinger KSOs and enjoying them. I've been watching closely to make sure she doesn't repeat any of my mistakes, like starting off too aggressively or running wrong.

Since I'm not keeping my Sun Run training a surprise this year, I'm going to try to post regularly about my progress. Stay tuned..


Anemone said...

I just had an email from someone at translink who confirmed there is no rule against bare feet and will make sure drivers will be better informed. I hope that makes a difference.

Ryan Graham said...

That's great news, Anemone, thanks for the update!

Anonymous said...

I have just started using Vibrams Five Fingers for running. I am running on asphalt and all of the knee and ankle issues I used to have are pretty much gone. I would agree with you to relax more; I tried it last night and found it was a lot easier on my knees. The only issue I have with them is blisters on my left foot. They were pretty bad too--my foot was bleeding quite a bit! It didn't hurt until I realized it though... :x