Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Week 6, Run 2

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Last night's run was decent. It was raining a bit, so my GPS results are a little wonky. The increased humidity also made it hard to keep cool.

It had been raining most of the day, so everything was quite wet. Wet feet are soft feet, and soft feed get chewed up by street running, so I decided to run in my black/orange KSOs which I haven't worn much. They're a bit thinner on the sole than the Trek, which was good, but I also noticed they were a little heavier. I'll probably continue to run in them when it's too wet for barefoot.

This run was basically the same as my last solo run, minus one interval. My pace was every so slightly faster, based on how far up the hill I got before my last interval was over. I actually felt so good at that point, and was so far from the house, that I threw in a few minutes more running. It was good. I'm getting a good idea of what kind of pace I'd need to meet my 60 minute goal time for the Sun Run. At this point I'm not able to sustain that speed for long enough. Maybe on a flat route, and after I've warmed up, I could keep it for a few kilometers, but certainly not 10. But hey, I'm only at the half way point, so I've got lots of time to build on that distance!

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