Thursday, March 11, 2010

Learning to Run

In reference to this

For anyone interested in the program I'm following for training for the Sun Run, you can get the LearnToRun10k PDF.

It's a great 13 week program to take you from non-runner to being able to complete a 10k. I can't compare it to any other programs because it is the only one I've ever done, but it worked for me last year.

I'm following the same program this year since I didn't run nearly as much after the Sun Run as I'd have liked. I'm also doing it in Vibram FiveFingers this year, so that's a good reason to use a gradual build up program.

I highly recommend this type of training program for anyone interested in getting into running. It may be hard at times, but by the time you're half-way through the program you'll feel like a runner. And by that I mean you'll start to crave your run.

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